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ProLab Imaging offers a high-quality, personal service that results in accurate art reproductions and beautiful prints.

We Provide High Quality Digital Capture and Scanning.

All artists should invest in high quality digital copies of their artwork before selling the original. ProLab Imaging will provide you with the highest quality, colour managed files that capture all the detail of the original.  Most professional photographers cannot give you the same quality file as we can produce at ProLab Imaging.

We use a Better Light Scan back with a native resolution of 144 megapixels, set up in a custom lit studio. The Better Light uses a Kodak tri linear sensor which samples RGB colour values at each pixel site. The result is a sharper image with no artefacts and superior colour accuracy.

Mated with the Rodenstock Apo Sironar digital lens and a Sinar 4 x 5 inch camera, we can create the best possible copy of your original artwork.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at ProLab Imaging.

For oil paintings with a gloss finish we use a polarised lighting setup to remove any glare.

For paintings with texture, we light the piece differently and take the image in multiple sections to include the shadows created by the thick paint, thus creating the illusion of texture.

For very large pieces we will also photograph the piece in sections to ensure we capture all of the fine detail.

We specialise in art photography so can capture the translucency of watercolour, the startling vibrancy of pastels, and the mellow depths of oil, right down to the brushstroke.

If you have a number of large pieces that you need captured, where transport may prove to be an issue, we can arrange onsite photography.

Why Invest in High Quality Digital Capture of your Artwork?

Limited Edition Prints

You may not want to start selling reproductions at this stage, but who knows if you may change your mind down the track.

Create a book

When you get famous you’ll need copies of your work for your future biography.


Galleries, agents and competitions will be more likely to take your work seriously if it is presented at its best. ProLab Imaging will provide you with a high resolution file as well as a low res jpeg suitable for e-mail and web use. We can create a file to any specifications required for submission.


If your original piece is damaged in any way (water damage, fire etc…) or is stolen, it pays to have a high quality copy available.


Leave the copyright to your children and give them the opportunity to generate an income from your life’s work.

We use the Latest Art Reproduction Technology.

There is, unfortunately, only a small market for expensive original artworks, but there are lots of people who would love to have a more modestly priced, high quality reproduction in their home.

Releasing a limited edition print run can be a great way to introduce your work to a whole new market. Reproductions are also an excellent way to leverage your time and effort – a way to create additional income without painting another stroke.

Limited edition prints are carefully produced directly from the original work and are normally hand signed and numbered by the artist e.g. 16/100. This is a distinction needed to separate them from mass produced offset prints. Limited editions can range from 2 – 5 prints, to as many as 1000.

We have an excellent reputation for Art Reproduction.

If you’re thinking about releasing a limited edition print run, do your homework when selecting a printer. Ask other artists and visit our studio to speak with technical staff and review samples of our work and available paper stock. Don’t let price alone determine your choice of printer; the accuracy of colour, tone and detail is reliant on the technical skills and knowledge of the technician, particularly at the point of artwork capture.

Chris has high attention to detail, and can, through many years of experience, correctly recreate the colours in your artwork. ProLab Imaging uses the latest technology to photograph your work so can capture detail down to the brushstroke. Using pigment based inks on beautiful art papers and canvas, your art reproduction will be as close to the original as possible.

ProLab Imaging has an excellent reputation for this type of work both locally and interstate, with artists, galleries and government departments.

How it all happens…

Below is a list of steps in the process of producing your reproductions.

Discuss your requirements

Come into our Marleston studio so we can have a chat and a look at your artwork. Tell us your thoughts and we can discuss which medium would best show off your work.

Digitisation of your work

Bring in your original work and we will photograph it in our customised studio.

Colour Correction and Testing

Once the image has been digitised, it is then colour corrected on the computer and several test strips are compared to the original. When we are satisfied with the result a test is made for the artist to view.


Once you are happy with the test print, you can order one or as many prints as you like, in whatever size you like.


ProLab Imaging will provide you with a copy of your image files as well as keeping a copy on our system. This means that re-ordering is simple – just give us a call or e-mail your order and we will let you know when it’s done. Printing on demand means that you don’t need to carry a lot of stock as you can order one print at a time if needed.

Professionally Printed, Archival Quality.

We produce the same high quality prints for photographers and digital artists as we do for our art reproductions.

Prints are archival quality, meaning that they will not fade for 100+ years and are available on a range of traditional photographic papers as well as art papers or canvas.

We follow all ICC colour management protocols.

We are at the forefront of advances in colour management and printing software and keep up to date with all the latest technological advances in cameras, scanning equipment and printers.

Beautiful Canvas Prints Ready to Hang.

We produce the same high quality prints for photographers and digital artists as we do for our art reproductions.  Prints are archival quality, meaning that they will not fade for 100+ years and are available on a range of traditional photographic papers as well as art papers or canvas.

We Produce the best Archival Canvas Prints in Adelaide.

Printing photos on canvas is a very popular way to create a truly personalised gift or unique work of art. Have your photos turned into beautiful canvas prints ready to hang on your walls to remind you of the special moments.

Wedding photographs to remind you of the happy day.

Special events, birthdays, anniversaries and christenings.

Family or baby photographs.

Maybe a favourite pet, motor vehicle or motorcycle.

Travel photographs, maps or even a scan of your passport stamps.

The Advantages of Canvas Prints…

We use the best archival materials and all canvas prints last more than 75 yrs without fading.

Scratch Resistant    Requires No Framing  •  Light Weight Compared to Framed Glass
Modern Clean Style    Fade Resistant    Easy To Clean.

Various Canvases / Murray Edwards, Summer Vineyards

High Quality Digitized Photos and Documents

ProLab Imaging have a great reputation for digital restoration of old and damaged photos. Photo Restoration is the process of digitally correcting and repairing a photo back to its former glory.

At ProLab Imaging we can copy then restore photos or other old documents that have been damaged, stained, scratched, torn, ripped, folded or are faded from exposure to sun light. Then we can provide you with a beautiful print of your image.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of valuable old pictures and documents with blemishes or defects. But some old photos are just too precious to give up to the ravages of time.

Be they faded, torn, or damaged, you will be surprised at what we can do to restore your photos back to their previous glory.

We can even recreate missing parts of old prints.

Digitising your old photos and documents allows you to display and share your items without causing further damage.  Once the image has been restored on the computer, you can decide to print the image on a variety of papers.

German Etching paper is popular for the authentic look it gives the newly restored image. Many of our clients who display maps and other fragile documents of historic value, choose to display the facsimile, rather than the original.

All photos and documents are digitized to the highest possible quality (to avoid re-digitisation).

We can remove scratches, dust and stains, correct fading, and can recreate missing parts of old prints with our digital restoration services.

View the Quality for Yourself……Hover / Click Image

initial image

A summer picnic, circa 1935

Packaging Options available.

ProLab Imaging now offers several packaging options to send prints to your clients. You can buy specilaised mailing tubes and boxes from us and handle the packaging and posting yourself. Or we can pack and post your prints directly from our studio. Chat to us today about making your online sales process easier.

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Flat packing available for smaller prints.