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Learn more about our quality control and image set-up. We also provide hints & tips for your imagery set-up before handing it over to us for Giclee printing.


Colour management refers to the process where colour is maintained and controlled on digital devices from input, (cameras and scanners), to screen, and then to output, (printers).

ProLab Imaging is an ICC colour managed professional fine art print studio.

However not everybody has access to the best colour managed equipment for viewing their images. If this is the case, what you see on your computer may be quite different to what I see on mine. Clients can view their exhibition work on one of our ICC compliant work stations if this is an issue.

All images are assessed before printing and if we believe there is a colour issue with your digital files, we will contact you before printing.


  • Images are sized to your final print size.
    • We add a 1 – 4cm white border to our prints for handling; please let us know if you want your images trimmed full bleed.
  • If you’d like a specific size border, please include it within the canvas size
  • Ideally your files have a resolution of 300dpi at final print size.
  • Files are in TIF, JPEG, PDF or PSD/Photoshop document format
  • Your files are either 8 bit or 16 bit
  • Images are in the Adobe 98, sRGB or ProPhoto colour space. CMYK is ok too.

Send large files via the upload button on this website. If your image is small enough to e-mail, please add it as an attachment. Don’t send it embedded in the message as we won’t be able to use the file.


Just because you buy a painting does not mean you can copy it.

Copyright nearly always rests with the artist, and lasts for the artist’s lifetime and for seventy years after their death. So, if you are the artist or photographer (and therefore owner of copyright) we will happily copy and reproduce your work.

If you have purchased a work of art, we cannot reproduce it unless you also purchased copyright and can prove to us that you have the artist’s permission.

If you have purchased a digital file from an artist we can print it for you. If you have downloaded a file straight from the web, without agreement from the artist, then we cannot provide prints.

For original works that we copy, the artist will retain copyright of any images reproduced by ProLab Imaging and we will not print any work, without permission or a confirmed order from you.

Don’t get ripped off!

To avoid people trying to reproduce your art without permission, make sure you only post very small, low quality files online so people can’t use them for printing. Also consider disabling the right click option so visitors to your website can’t save the picture at all. Some artists will also add a digital watermark to their online images.


Artist Cotton Textured by Ilford. This paper is our most popular for art reproductions as it has a coarse texture, similar to water colour paper, and reproduces colours beautifully. It is 100% cotton rag, 310gsm.

Smooth Cotton Rag by Ilford. This 100% cotton rag paper offers a smooth matt surface, the perfect choice for highly detailed artworks and for photographers who prefer a matt finish. 310gsm.

German Etching by Hahnemuhle. German Etching paper is a medium textured 100% Alpha-Cellulose acid free material weighing in at 310 gsm. Print quality is excellent; it is suitable for art reproduction, and photographic and digital exhibition printing.

Photo Rag by Hahnemuhle.  Photo Rag is another very beautiful paper from Hahnemulhle. It has a smoother surface than the German Etching and is slightly brighter. Weighing 308 gsm, this paper is acid free and 100% cotton rag. Print quality and suitability are the same as German Etching.

True Rag Etching by Bauhaus. True Rag Etching paper is a 100% cotton, lightly textured, archival, 310gsm paper. Combining the texture of a traditional etching paper and a natural white surface you have the perfect combination for fine art reproductions and photographs in all hues.

Photo Rag Pearl by Hahnemuhle. 320 gsm paper features an inkjet layer coated onto a 100% cotton paper optimised for Fine Art applications. The warm white shade and even surface texture gives the print a stunning sense of depth, with rich blacks, beautiful colours and great contrast.

Smooth Pearl & Smooth Gloss by Ilford. 310 gsm resin coated papers that produce images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour gamut. Suitable for all photographic printing.

Fine Art Daguerre Canvas by Hahnemuhle.  400gsm canvas.


Our pricelist includes “standard” print sizes, however not many of our artists stick to these!

We can print any size image up to 150cm on the short size on selected art and photographic papers, or up to 135cm on the short side of a canvas print.

Please contact us for prices on specific sizes.


C.O.D or a 30 day account to approved customers.

Payment can be made by all major credit cards (except Amex and Dinners), Eftpos, direct debit and cash.

All prices quoted include GST. Quotes are valid for 30 days. Prices may change without notice.

Although we can get a very accurate colour match with our Art reproduction service, we cannot guarantee a 100% match between an original and a reproduction.

Very large print order will require a 25% deposit before production will begin.


ProLab Imaging can ship prints to direct to you or direct to your client.  All prints are packed using solid cardboard, we take great care in packaging your items.

All packing and shipping costs are an additional cost.

Please contact us for further information on postage and handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign my Limited Edition Prints?

Sign your print using a sharp pencil, 2B is better than HB if you can find one. Most artists sign on the bottom right hand side of the print and mark the edition number (eg 4/25) on the bottom left. You may also choose to add the title of the piece.

How big should I make my edition?

Limited Editions can range from 5 to 1000 prints, although most artists limit their editions to between 5 and 50 so as to retain some exclusivity. Once an edition is sold out, whilst it may be tempting to print more copies, you need to adhere to the number listed in the edition.

Can I have different editions of the same image? e.g Different sizes

Yes. Some artists choose to have an edition for each size they offer, as well as an additional edition if they are doing canvas prints as well as paper.

What is the life expectancy of a Giclee Print?

With the use of pigment inks and premium quality paper or canvas and displayed under the correct lighting conditions, prints should last 85-100 years without noticeable fading.

Can I paint over my prints?

Yes, you can. You can use acrylics on canvas or acrylics, pencils, pastels or watercolour on paper prints. Just let us know if you plan on over-painting a print and we can discuss how best to varnish a canvas print, or can supply you with some paper to practice on.

How accurate is the colour?

It is not possible to create a 100% colour accurate reproduction. We will do our best to match all of the colours in your work but it will never look exactly the same as the original. Fluorescent and metallic colours are particularly tricky as these are outside the printable colour gamut.

How large an image can you print?

The widest roll we print on is 60″ (152.5cm) wide and 12 or 15m long. Therefore, we can print up to 150cm on the short side for paper prints, or 138cm on the short side for canvas, to allow room for the canvas to wrap around the stretcher frame.

How big an image can you copy?

We are able to copy any size image and have had a 4m canvas in our studio at one time! For larger artworks we photograph the piece in sections to retain all the detail, before stitching the pieces together in photoshop.

Can I use my own digital files?

You can certainly provide your own files for printing. Please refer to our File Set Up Guide for more information. But be aware that if you are photographing your own work, chances are it won’t be as colour accurate or have as much detail as it would if copied in our professional copy studio.

Do you varnish your canvas?

Yes our canvas prints are finished with three coatings of varnish, available in either matt or semi-matt.

Do you archive files for future reference?

Yes. We automatically back up all jobs unless you request us not to do so.

How long does the Giclee printing process take?

If we are working from a prepared file we would normally allow 4 to 6 working days.

How long does it take to copy an artwork?

Copying an artwork involves not only the photography of the piece, but extensive colour testing as well. We will need your original work on site for colour comparison for 10 – 12 working days.

Do I leave my original artwork with you?

We take every care with the original artworks that we have in our studio, and are insured in case of fire or theft.